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Visit Oxford University With Hire Motorhome

One thing that comes to mind when you are visiting Oxfordshire must be the Oxford University. This particular University is one of the oldest and famous and you could not miss the chance to visit Oxford University.

The biggest attraction is surely the famous Bodleian Library and you could also see the landmarks like the Bridge of Sighs, University Church of St Mary, and Trinity College. With a very long history, you could be sure that it will be an interesting tour with so many stories and anecdotes.

If that is not interesting enough, Oxford University is also used as the location of the famous Harry Potter films. Hire a motorhome Oxfordshire in Oxfordshire Motorhomes, the best local hire company, to make sure that you could enjoy your trip to Oxfordshire without any limitation. With hire a motorhome, you would not have to worry about the place for rest or getting food whenever you want. Oxford University is huge, one day tour will never satisfy your curiosity, that is why it is better to Hire a motorhome Oxfordshire so you could be sure you will have the chance to see every corner of this campus.